Kelowna Wedding Hair and Makeup: An Interview with Allure by Tanin Nicone

bride at sunset with Kelowna wedding hair and makeup

Choosing who is going to do your Kelowna wedding hair and makeup is an important decision! You need a artist that has proper training, and whose work is going to last all day long. Allure by Tanin Nicole will provide you all of this and more! Read on to learn more about her impressive work and why you should consider having her do your Kelowna wedding hair and makeup.


What services do you provide? 

At Allure By Tanin Nicole, we provide full makeup and hair services, both mobile and in studio.


What training/ experience do you have? 

Blanche Macdonald College, Sephora Senior Artist, Beauty and Fashion on-set work, Destination Wedding Makeup Artist.


Describe your style. 

Red carpet soft glam, Beauty with an edge.


Can brides send inspirational photos? 

Absolutely! Inspo photos are the best way to understand your vision and bring it to life.  


What makes your services unique?

Knowing what type of makeup photographs best in what type of lighting, and creating a multi dimensional look to capture beautifully under camera. 


Does your makeup work on all skin types? Do you adjust it for different skin types? 

We have different products to go with different skin tones and concerns, and a wide range of shades to accommodate the most fair to the most deep skin tones.


Do you offer different packages? 

Yes absolutely! You can select between traditional looks or more glam. 


What is the process to hire you for Kelowna wedding makeup and hair? 

You can reach out by email with as much details as possible, and we will send you all the package pricing. Once you decide you’d like to go forward, we lock in the date with a retainer and signed contract.


rings with flowers at wedding


Do you include a trial makeup session? 

All Bridal packages have the trial included within them and anyone else is welcome to add on a trial to their package if they wish.


What areas do you travel to? 

We are based out of Kelowna and provide services all over the world.


What products do you use? 

All products used are professional grade, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. 


Where can brides find examples of your work?

Through website and Instagram.



How long will the makeup last? Are false lashes included?

Lasting makeup starts with a great skin prep that is included in our service. The makeup lasts through the duration of your long wedding day and usually even more! Complementary false lashes are included for everyone. 


bride in forest with her kelowna wedding hair and makeup


How do you recommend brides prepare their skin in the days leading up to their wedding? 

Unfortunately makeup does not hide texture and in fact it accentuates it even more, therefore exfoliation and hydration is key. Hydrafacials are great a week out before the wedding day. Refrain from trying any new facials close to the date, and if you are doing hair removal, make sure it’s about a week out as well. 


Do you have any advice for engaged couples that you can share while they’re planning their wedding? 

An event coordinator is more needed than you may imagine. This will ensure you have the most calm and seamless environment to get ready for the big day! Secondly for larger groups, having an adequate space to work out of with tables/stations for hair and makeup is a dream come true. A space large enough to accommodate your bridal party, your glam team, and your photographer/videographer will make everything feel more relaxed.


I hope that you enjoyed reading all about Allure by Tanin Nicole! This amazing Kelowna wedding hair and makeup team will have you and your bridal party looking stunning on your wedding day. Get in touch by clicking here.

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