Exclusive Interview with Diane Williams Artist

equine portrait by diane williams artist

Summerland artist Diane Williams is an extremely talented and gifted painter. She has a gift of being able to capture the spirit and essence of the animal that she is painting. Read this exclusive interview to learn more about Diane, her artwork, and her relationship with horses.

How long have you been an artist?

Since I was 5 years old. Instead of watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, My mom immersed me in art classes in our local hometown, Chilliwack, British Columbia. I was encouraged to experiment with paint on large sheets of paper, the beginnings of my love of color and textured brushstrokes. 


Have you received formal schooling?

I have a Master’s Degree in Art from the University of British Columbia. I embarked on a teaching career of over 30 years, teaching high school art and photography classes.

While teaching, I continued honing my artistic skills by attending workshops through the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver, BC, and also studying at the Vancouver Academy of Art. Perhaps most influential, I studied for seven years at the Sacramento School of Light and Color, where I was instructed and guided by Susan Sarback, artist and founder of the school. From Sarback, I learned how to use full spectrum colors while painting en Plein Aire.

equine portrait by diane williams artist

How long have you been involved with horses?

Love at first sight…6 years old first ride.  Left horses at 17years  to persue an education and career, came back to them 25 years later.  Natural horsemanship with Jonathan Field, Dressage Naturally with Karen Rohlf, and the Classical French Dressage school of Dominique Barbier. 


Tell me a little about your artwork. 

As an artist, I integrate classical techniques, and contemporary color, while incorporating no black, brown, or gray. I capture impressions of light through layers of brilliant oil colors, wet on wet until finished. 

I work exclusively with oil on canvas, applying vibrant thick layers and rich texture to her paintings.

I have painted and photographed unique horses from around the world; the Sable Island wild horses off the coast of Nova Scotia, the ancient white Camargue horses from Southern France, and Andalusian and Lusitano horses from Portugal, Brazil, and Texas.

I have painted the white spirit bears from the Great Bear Rainforest in BC, and the local landscapes of Alberta and British Columbia. I am a painting teacher and love to share my vibrant color palette and technique of painting with students. I teach online private lessons on how to paint horses, bears, landscapes, and flowers in vibrant color.


Do you take commissions?

I love capturing the spirit of horse for a commission.  I enjoy photographing them for a painting, and getting to know someone’s equine partner.  Requests to paint horses that have passed are a gift.

My link to commissions:



What is an average client investment? 

16×20 – $680

20×20 – $900

20×24 – $995

Large, impactful Portraits 20×30, 24×30, 24×36, 30×40, 36×36  to 48×60


equine portrait by diane williams artist


What makes your artwork unique? 


I work exclusively with oil on canvas, applying vibrant thick layers and rich texture to my paintings.  My palette is full spectrum color with no black, brown or grey.  I paint wet on wet layering my colors on the canvas until finished.


Where can we see more of your work?



Are you taking on more clients?

I have a few spots left for commissions for this Christmas.

I always make time for new clients and have many repeat ones.  I offer easy payment plans over 6 months to a year.


How can we get in contact with you if we’d like to use your services or find out more?

My website  www.dianewilliamsart.com or email:  dianewilliamsart@gmail.com

587-899-0064 cell.


Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

 I love how horses bring us together, give opportunities to meet new friends and special people.


I hope that you enjoyed learning more about artist Diane Williams and her incredible artwork!

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