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Outfits make all the difference! I have curated a selection of dresses and oufits for the family to use during photography sessions with me. This ever growing collection is will add the perfect touch to your photography sessions. 

Whether you use my client closet or not, I love to be involved in styling! I know what looks great in photos to get the results you're looking for. 

Use My Client Closet for FREE

      It's important to me that you feel comfortable and relaxed in your photo session. I will help you feel at ease. Equine sessions are up to 1.5 hours long to ensure that we can take our time and not have to rush you or your horse. I'm prepared to shoot even the most flighty of horses with a shutter speed that captures 1/8000th of a second. 

     As I am also a riding coach with many years experience, I can help as needed to settle your horse. I know the moments of each stride that look the best for horses. I also have experienced the bond between horse and owner and can easily guide you to capture those moments that showcase your unique bond. You can trust me to provide a relaxed, enjoyable experience for both you and your horse- with gorgeous photos to prove it! 

      It takes years of training and experience to be able to take and edit fine art equine portraits. My training in fine art painterly portraits of humans coupled with my training in black background equine portraiture results in unique, high end portraits. Choose one of my packages that include framed prints or acrylics and enjoy these on your walls in your home. 


The EQUINE  Experience


     Send me a message when you're ready to book so we can pick a date. I'll send over your Welcome Package that includes location choices, outfit inspiration & help, and pictures of my client closet content. We can discuss what you will wear to make sure you get great photos, as well as how to prepare your horse.


    We will meet for shoot and get some great images! I use a workflow that will capture some basics like smiling towards the camera and then use easy-going prompts to get some creative shots of your connection together. We'll do things like walk together, cuddle, do some horsemanship if your horse knows it, and then ride. It will seem like a typical hour spent loving your horse!

     Within 2 weeks you will receive your gallery to pick your favorites that are included in your package! Your favorites will be edited, skin lightly retouched, and you'll receive your final gallery. You can purchase prints, enlargements, canvases, and frames right from your online gallery or download them as many times as you'd like in full quality.

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