Interview with a Kelowna Equine Osteopath

girl with her horse that benefits from equine osteopath therapist visits

As horse owners, we all want our horses to feel and preform as well as possible. In this exclusive interview with Allie Plaschka of Triple V Therapy, learn how your horse can benefit from Kelowna equine osteopath therapy.

How long have you been involved with horses? Tell us a little about your background with horses!

Since I was 7 years old! I had always taken lessons/leased/catch rode, mostly within the H/J realm. When I acquired my first horse as an adult 7 years ago, I branched out into working equitation, liberty, classical dressage.. And just having fun! I have been working with horses professionally since 2014.

When did you become an equine osteopath?

My schooling began in 2018 and I graduated Sept 2021 and have been working full time since then.

What training & certificates have you received?

BC College of Equine Therapy – Equine sports therapist certification 2012-14
Saddle Fit 4 Life – Equine Ergonomist certification 2017
Vluggen Institute for Equine Osteopathy and Education – EDO – 2018-2021

What kinds of horses make good candidates for osteopathy?  

All horses! Young horses benefit from catching any abnormal tension/asymmetry early on before they fully develop and enter training etc with compensations. Osteo can also help improve/maintain mobility in our senior horses and even as palliative care for providing more ‘good’ days then bad. Of course, adult horses, whether in work or not, benefit as well. 

What makes your approach as a Kelowna equine osteopath stand out? 

Osteopathy strives to address the horse as a ‘whole’ – we really try to unravel a horse’s tension and discover where their primary area of restriction is coming from – whether that be in the musculoskeletal system or organ(s). Craniosacral therapy is a part of this as well. There are many techniques used and each session is tailored to the individual and their needs at that time. We help with the body’s innate ability to self-heal. ‘Find it, fix it, let nature do the rest’ is a quote often heard in the world of osteo. 

girl with her horse that benefits from equine osteopath therapist visits

Is there a common problem that you see in horses? 

I would say gut issues arising from stress or environment/feeding practices (or a combination of reasons) as well as dental imbalances. Poll/neck issues from pulling back and/or tension while under saddle is also a common one. 

What areas do you provide service to? 

I travel around BC and am willing to go anywhere new if people are interested although my home base is the N. Okanagan. 

As a Kelowna equine osteopath, what recommendation do you give to horse owners regarding their care? 

Movement! Mobility is key for every aspect of the body. Give your horse as much turnout as possible and keep their diet simple. 

How often do you recommend getting a session? How many sessions does it normally take to resolve issues? 

Once I have seen a horse, I usually recommend a follow-up in 4-6 weeks. Following that, maintenance can be done every 6 months unless the horse has known chronic issues that benefit from more frequent visits.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

If you are interested in an integrative approach to your horse’s health I highly recommend giving osteopathy a try. We often collaborate with other professionals in order to truly give a ‘whole horse’ treatment approach and provide the best care we can. New clients often comment on how thorough the sessions are – we really take our time to evaluate the body and address the restrictions appropriately.

bay horse that benefits from equine osteopath therapist visits

Are you taking on more clients? 


How much does an average session cost? 

$120 base rate + travel if more than 30km.

How can we get in contact with you if we’d like to use your services or find out more? 

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram under Triple V Therapy and through my website

Phone: 250-317-0130 (text or email is best)

Wasn’t it amazing learning more about Kelowna equine osteopath therapy? I’m sure your horse would just love a session with Allie! Be sure to get in touch by emailing, texting or visiting her website (click here).

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