All You Need to Know About Baby & Me Kelowna

baby lying down wrapped in white swaddle

If you are looking for a one stop baby store, Baby & Me in Kelowna is it! Baby & Me carries everything you could possibly need and want for your baby, from strollers and baby carriers to clothes and toddlers supplies. All products have been thoroughly researched and have a reason for being in the store. Consider 4 reasons why you should shop at Baby & Me for baby supplies in Kelowna.

2061 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 8M1

(250) 717-0556


1- Amazing Customer Services

               One of the best things about Baby & Me is their customer service. They are very passionate and interested in you and your children, whether inside the womb or out! They tirelessly research the brands and products that they carry to make sure that they are the best. If you come to the store with a problem or a question, they will help you find what you need. The associates at Baby & Me will even help you assemble your purchases for free and teach you how to use them! On top of that, a certified Car Seat Technician will help you to install your car seat, giving you peace of mind.  If you are looking for a place to register for your gift registry, Baby & Me would be a perfect fit as they will help guide your choices based on their knowledge & experience of what you’ll most likely find useful.

2- Variety of supplies for your baby, toddler, and young children

               Baby & Me carries everything you need for your pregnancy, baby, toddler, and young children. It carries the ‘big gear’ such as cribs, car seats, strollers, nursery chairs and décor. There is a large variety of pre-baby purchases that need to be made such as baby carriers, diaper bags, and safety/ babyproofing products. Baby & Me has everything that you need for feeding your little one including high chairs, bibs, food prep gear, food storage, nursing covers and bottles. You can buy diapers, change pads & covers, diaper cream and diaper pails.

               Baby & Me will clothe both you and your baby! They care maternity staples such as leggings, support bands and nursing bras/ tanks. They have all the clothes, shoes, and outerwear that your little ones will need, too. I especially like that they carry Stride Rite shoes and others that help those learning to walk, as well as good quality winter snow boots like Kamik that actually keep kids feet dry and warm. They carry a wide variety of clothing, many of it available in organic materials. Some of the brands include Petit Lem, Olio, The North Face, KickKee, and Hatley. You can feel good knowing you’re buying quality clothing that will not wear out before your child grows out of it.

Photo by Parsons Photography

Quality Products

               I know how frustrating it can be to pay a decent amount for something only for it to break or wear out within a few weeks. You can be sure that this is not the case for anything in the Baby & Me Kelowna store. They ruthlessly research their products, even reaching out to the developers and engineers to interview them. They are active in the community, always taking in feedback and learning what everyone is loving. They have done the research so that you don’t have to!  

Community Support

               Baby & Me Kelowna understands what it’s like to be a real family. They are active in the community, supporting many fundraisers each year. They value being able to give back and donate hundreds of sleep sacks to Kelowna Food Bank’s Tiny Bundles Program to create a safer sleeping environment for babies in the community. Additionally, they help out families in need around the holidays each year. Baby & Me also provides a discount for families of multiples. Speaking as a twin mom myself, that can be a huge reason to shop there!  

               As you can see, Baby & Me Kelowna is an amazing store that will provide everything you need for your baby, toddler and small children, as well as for your maternity care. I hope that you enjoy shopping there!

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