Connecting Before ‘I Do’: Unique Ways Couples Can Share Intimate Moments Before the Ceremony

photography of bride and groom getting ready for their first look in the Okanagan

Old tradition states that the groom must not see the bride before the wedding, but things are changing. Modern couples are seeking ways to share an intimate moment before the ceremony begins. Even for couples that still want to hold on to that tradition, there are are ways to still make a connection without having to see each other. Consider some of these ways to make your wedding day about you as a couple by connecting before the ceremony even starts.

First Look & Alternatives

Handwritten Notes

Amid the whirlwind of wedding preparations, taking a moment to express heartfelt sentiments through handwritten notes can be profoundly meaningful. Consider using beautifully crafted handmade paper, like those from Letteria Design, to convey your feelings. This private exchange allows couples to share their love and appreciation in a personal and intimate way, creating memories that can be beautifully captured by a photographer along with other personal touches such as your wedding bands. The handwritten notes become not only a cherished keepsake but also a visually stunning addition to the wedding album.


Boudoir Photo Album

For a touch of tasteful sensuality, surprising your partner with a boudoir photo album is a delightful pre-wedding gesture. This intimate collection of photos can be opened privately before the chaos of the day begins, allowing your fiancé to appreciate your allure in a personal and exclusive manner. Boudoir photography sessions can capture these moments with elegance, adding a touch of allure to the wedding day.

First Touch

Perfect for couples determined to uphold the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony, the first touch is a clever twist on the first look. Separated by a wall, column, or vineyard row, couples can lock fingers for a brief moment, grounding themselves and calming pre-ceremony nerves. This subtle connection, accompanied by a few whispered words or serene silence, makes for a captivating and emotion-filled prelude to the main event that is an unseen alternative to the first look.

First Look

Choosing a first look keeps the element of surprise intact but within a more intimate setting. Whether it’s between the bride and groom or involving the wedding party, the first look allows for genuine reactions and expressions of joy without the pressure of an audience. Entrust your wedding photographers to select the ideal setting for this private reveal, ensuring it’s a moment encapsulated in time.

Private Vows

For couples who opt for a first look, sharing private vows adds an extra layer of intimacy to the moment. With the aid of zoom lenses, wedding photographers can discreetly document these tender exchanges, providing couples with a tangible reminder of the promises made in the quiet moments before the ceremony. Consider investing in beautifully crafted vow books to enhance the significance of this private vow exchange.

Vow books for private vows, a first look alternative

Getting Ready Together

For couples seeking to break away from tradition entirely, getting ready together is a heartwarming and intimate choice. This unconventional approach emphasizes the celebration of the relationship itself. To maintain an element of surprise, consider revealing the bridal gown only when the moment is just right—either when fully adorned or while putting it on.

Connecting Before the Ceremony: A First Look & Alternatives

In an era where weddings are becoming increasingly personalized, these innovative ways of connecting before the ceremony showcase the evolving landscape of matrimonial traditions. Couples are rewriting the rules to reflect their unique love stories, creating memorable moments that set the tone for a lifetime of shared joy.